Thursday, May 29, 2014

Discussions, Debates, and Platitudes

A week ago, seven people died wrongfully. Seven human beings were unjustly murdered, because of one man. This tragedy sparked numerous hard truths and social issues. Because seven people lost their lives, there are discussion about sexism. There are discussions about gun violence. There are discussions are mental health. All of those discussions are valid and need to be had.
A month ago, a rich billionaire mad some racist statements in a conversations that he thought was private. This man owned a professional sports, which feature 80%-90% of the team being African American. That incident sparked a few discussions about racism and privacy. Valid discussions that need to had.
I was watching this youtube channel, The Young Turks, as they showed a clip of one of the victim's father. The father was angry, sad, heartbroken, and all the other feelings any parents would have in that situation.My eyes want to water as this middle -aged man, with salt-and-pepper beard, yelling and screaming on how this should have been prevented.
I sit speechless. I can't tell this man that" things will get better. His lost won't be in vain." All those things that you want to tell the family members of the tragically deceased. I have no answer for him.
I continue to watch and listen. I hear about this twitter trend, #YesAllWomen. This "discussion" about sexism and misogyny of women by the killer. The discussion is about the hard societal truths.
I don't want to seem like I'm denouncing the topics of these discussions. These discussions are crucial in our progress as humans and a society. Prejudice is still a problem that can't be solved by governments.
At some point, we have to be tired of discussions and debates. When will things change? When racism is brought up, you hear that it's good to talk about it. It is good to talk. If you can't convince a racist, that what can reasonably change as a result of that discussion? If misogynist don't change their views and behaviors, then the discussion is simply a way to spin our wheels.
I don't want to tell that middle-aged man that his son didn't die in vain and it be hollow words. Maybe it's the testosterone in me, but these discussions need to lead to something concrete.
I wish I had an answer for all of this.