Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Truth and The Mystery

Sportscenter just presented a interview segment with Jason Collins, the first gay active athlete to "come out". He's going to be at the State of the Union Address tonight as a guest of FLOTUS. If you haven't about his story, then you need to google him or something.
The interview was centered around homosexuality and the politics surrounding homosexuality. It started as a typical fluff piece with questions like, " How does it feel to be a guest of the First Lady?" These are the type questions that are used to highlight particular individuals
 One of question did hit a chord in my mind. Collins was asked," Why aren't you playing in the NBA right now?" Collins avoided the questions and deflected it really well. I flashed to this scene in The Great Debaters
.It's the scene where Wiley College debates Oklahoma City College, which is the first white school who debates Wiley. The topic was segregation in the school systems. The primary line that I remember is OK City College stating that society isn't ready for it. There would be riots and violence, the debater included.
Why do I bring this scene up? Because that's why Mr. Collins isn't playing in the NBA right now. It's not exactly the same thing, but it's pretty damn close.
Here's the thing. i don't think it's personal disrespect of his sexuality. It's about team chemistry. Is it right? Hell No. As Jurnee Smollett's character, Samantha Booke, thunderous express it, "When will the right time be?" I don't think a team is going to take the chance.
So many people throw out terms; such as racist, communist, socialist, so on and so on. Some times, those terms are accurate, but I get the feeling that those same terms stem from ignorance of the "other". At one time, the other was women. At times, it's black people( or any none sort of minority). These days, it's sexual orientation.