Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Political Fix

I use to play my mom in the game of chess. Primarily, I was in high school. I played her in college as well, but it died off. I would constantly lose to her, which should be expect in many ways. However, I had an epiphany while I was playing her. Instead of trading pieces when the situation present itself( not matter if help you accomplish your ultimate goal), you should move past those traps. There's no point in trading pawns, when your goal is capturing the king.
As I understand politics in the current landscape, it's chess on top of five other chess games. My question for our government; What is your ultimate goal? My general belief is that the left wing is trying to help poor people. I'm not naive to think that their methods are always the correct ones. That is something I could for(especially when I'm poor myself). I don't get the same feeling from the right wing. With a democratic president, it seems like that side of the scale wants to express what is wrong with the state of affairs.
I have no problem with letting people know that a policy is a bad idea. That continues the circle of "trading pieces", which hurts regular folks.Simply present your ideas, let regular folks decide on the policies. To take that a step further, Put forth policies that will benefit all of the American citizens.
I will leave it at that.