Friday, November 8, 2013

Shower Thoughts- Have Positive Thinking

I'm sure that cliche has come up of "you have your best thoughts in the  shower". I had an epiphany while I was in the shower. For the nice, sweet, and good guy that I tend to pride myself on being,  I'm amazingly have pretty negative views of the people that are in my life. Am I surrounded by saints and angels? No, but these people are not nearly as bad as I view them.
Perfect example, my buddy has developed a bad reputation among people for some of his antics in social events. I'm not excusing these antics, or going to go into details about them.The point is that I should not be dissing him to other people who don't know him. That's just being an asshole and a horrible friend. That's not the person that I am.
One of my old friends has great respect, admiration, and love for her parents. I think that's how it should be. For me, I have the love but only functioning respect and not much admiration for them. I would never disrespect them or purposefully mistreat them. However, I would say that I DON'T want to be them or anything like them. This friend would tell me that she wants to be like her mother or as she puts it," I could only hope to be as great of a mother of she is." I can only smile at that statement, because it's such a romantically idealistic statement. I wish I felt that way about my parents. The reality is I should have better views of my parents. I don't need to be them, or make the same decisions as them. My thoughts need to change in reference of them.
I have been trying to get into healthier living. As I watch videos and do other random research, it has been abundantly clear that I have an amazingly bad attitude. I'm going to do a better job with this issue and apologize to those people who had to witness this negativity.