Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gun Violence and The Politics

As I sit applying to random jobs, which range from retail stores in the closest shopping centers to specific career-driven jobs across the country, I decide to take a break. I leave the family man-cave( aka the basement) to see what the rest of the family is doing. I walk to the front porch and see four or five police cars in front of our house. I see the policemen searching the nearby alley and street. It's a far too common sight in Black Communities.
I don't know what happened. My step-mom and nephew, who preceded me onto the porch, tell me what happened.One of our neighbors, L____, was walking home from her son's house and five or six shots were fired. She sprinted home and wasn't harmed. I obviously realized that the cops were looking for bullet casings.
Literally across the street is a public elementary school. This is the same elementary school that I attended. When I wasn't in school, I was public football, hockey, and baseball in the schoolyard. I was always insight of my front porch. Now, my nephews, neighbor's kids and grandchildren play in the same schoolyard. I don't understand why so many bullets are flying.
So. Bigger picture. I have been watching MsNBC, Fox News, and CNN. There has been so many debates and discussions on gun violence/ gun control. As I have been watching( thankfully, not every moment of every day), I have realized that neither party is REALLY interested in solving the problem. They are only interested gaining the upper hand in the political circus. Here is one example. Of course, there is liberal examples of this happening as well.
I know that I have my lean. I , however, suggest that these elected officials learn the difference between governing for the people and simply battling each other.