Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Race in Politics

First, I want to apologize. To everyone who has to live in these racial discussions, whites and blacks and all other races, I don't like these discussions any more than anyone. To question equality should not happen. I am a big fan of Martin Luther King. I believe  I do believe that we are in a place of legal equality. As I watch Fox News or MSNBC, I watch issues on race turn into these debates of Republicans vs Democrats or liberals vs conservatives. With that comes this notion people are racists and bigots. I want to apologize to republicans, conservatives, and all the innocent people who tend to get demonized by these debates.
As I said earlier, I am a big fan of Martin Luther King. My first reason is that he fought for freedom and equality for everyone. To me, that's not limited to blacks and whites. It was for Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Jewish, Blacks, and Whites.  Secondly, He preached about non-violence. Situations where no one gets hurt and no one loses lives.
As I write these thoughts out, I think about the Trayvon Martin case. I think about the "Stop and Frisk" laws and "Stand Your Ground" laws. It seems as though MSNBC and Fox News has become the political pieces for a particular party, and race has become another issue. Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Big government or Small Goverment? Pro-Blacks or Anti-Blacks?
As I want to turn away and watch Spongebob or Sportscenter, I realize that it's not clear what blacks and latinos (in particular) go through. President Obama gave a speech in wake the verdict for the Trayvon Martin case. The instances that he specified of people locking doors and clutching purses even tighter as he( or many other black man) walked. The point was that so many blacks and latinos are being demonized. I have seen clips of people saying that "they" only get jobs because of Affirmative Action. Not that the person who got the job is equally qualified or more qualified, but "they" got the job for reason that had nothing to do with their qualifications. I realize that if some crime happens, I'm more likely to be a suspect rather than a witness. I'm actually not a Liberal and never claimed to be Democratic. I tend to be fairly conservative when listening about economics and government control, but I hear conservatives speak about social issues. It turns my stomach to hear many Conservatives/Republicans speak discriminatorily.

This puts me in a mental dilemma. Do I go with the side who I believe have the economics? Or Do I go with the side that isn't socially discriminating?