Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trayvon Martin case/ The issue of race

I might break this into two separate post, but so many people have combined these discussions under one topic.

First, I was initially surprised by the verdict in the trial.My thought was that George Zimmerman got away with murder. The more that I thought about it. I really took into account "beyond a reasonable doubt". Can I say "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Zimmerman wasn't defending himself? No. Do I think that he was defending himself? No. Is race important in this trial? No.

The weird thing I constantly hear as a topic of discussion is "Trayvon punched George first, so George was defending himself." That's weird to me because I was raised to punch first. You don't let them attack you, because you don't want the uphill battle. I don't think that's a race issue. It's simply if you know there is going to be a confrontation, then you punch, attack, kick, or slam the person first

Now this race, anyone who says that there isn't a race issue are ignorant, naive, or both. We have come a LONG way from the days of MLK, Malcolm X,Rodney King and LA Riots. However, there are still issues of fair treatment. This is no longer about the letter of the law. It's about the practitioners. Maybe it's not pure racism( hatred of the skin color). I have seen discussions of the Trayvon Martin trial, the Marissa Alexander trial, and the possibility of a trial involving the death of a black kid by the hands of a white man. All these trials being tried in the state of Florida.

Yes. Our president is BLACK. In understanding the issue, to say or speculate that racism doesn't exist. Lets be clear. Racism is NOT a one-way street. The racial stereotypes affect how every black person is treated, and there is a a difference on how a white kid would be treated versus an equal black kid. I'm sure that there are a bunch of studies, videos and statistics to bear that out. Maybe, I will dig into more details at a later date, but the discussions is necessary.

My issues on race differ than most, and that's another topic. The trial result should not change based on race. There will always be views, results, and preferences that you don't like or agree. That's a part of being human and being free.